Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Today sch was smooth sailing. Attended Econs Lecture. Our lecturer Sandra Yeo is a damn experience and fun teacher. Enjoy class. Ended class at 3.30pm. Decides to go This Fashion to shop. I tot my bf wasn't gg to msg or call me. Surprised to receive his sms at 4pm. He asked me how was class today and whether my lesson has ended. We are ok liao. Haha... Went shopping today alone. Feels good. Bought a mini jacket. Kinda addicted to it. I think it looks good. Bought 4 pairs of ear rings and 1 ring. And went Isetan Tampines to buy another sweet looking blouse. :P Lalala... Happy Day... Went home for dinner after that... Read thru my notes... And Gosh... I am tired now... haha... Gt to slp...

Monday, June 27, 2005

First day of sch... Woohooo... V excited... Because its my fa v subject.... Maths... Taught abt Indices, Functions... Met dear at his place.... Went dinner with his parents... Slack a while n sent me home... Had a quarrel... sian... Do my Maths sums as soon as i reach home.... Jus love it...

Friday, June 24, 2005

In bus no. 39 blogging... so crowded... I like the way i dress today. Sweet yet sexy... hehe... On my way to dear dear hse... He say i v slow again... haiz... Feel slpy again as usual...This feeling sucks... Forgot to mention that i just bought a bottle of honey lemon water n some Lozenges to ease my sore throat. Some interesting stuffs that i notice on bus. Do aunties(regardless of races) have to carry a lot of big n small bags in Sg?

Reached Dear's place. And set off for Somerset after he gt ready. Went to eat at Cineleisure. No appetite for food as usual. My throat hurts. Ordered a plate of Hong Kong Noodles. Yucks!!! Damn salty... No timing was available for Initial D in Cineleisure. Took a bus down to Plaza Singapura. All tix are selling fast. We took a bus back to my place.

Upon reaching Tampines Int, we walked over to Tampines Mall to see whether there are seats available at GV Tampines. How luckily we were man... With tix selling fast at 12.15am, we were still able to get seats at the 2nd last row from the screen in the centre area. Wooohoooo... Immediately bought tix to watch it. Dear n i are car freaks. We simply adore sporty n turbo cars. We have so much to discuss abt. The show is fantastic. I will definitely buy the VCD/DVD. For car freaks like me, this is a must watch movie "INITIAL D". I reckon there will be a part 2 coming up.

*******Home Sweet Home*******

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sick n weak for one whole day. No appetite for anything. But drank a cup of milo with some biscuits. Keep on waking up n fall aslp... No energy... Nites everyone... Hope i get better tml... Tml is FRIDAY...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

In train blogging nw... On my way to City Hall to meet dear. Daniel helped my mum, auntie n me develop the make over photos... Got it from him just nw... Soooo pretty... dear reached early.... Went Esplanade n ate the open air hawker food... V exp n nt nice lo... Ordered a plate of stir fry Kailan with oyster sauce n a plate of sweet n sour pork n 3 plates of rice... Guess hw much it costs? $11.50 lo.... *grumbles* We also ordered 10 sticks of Satays with rice.... That costs $6.... Oh man.... N they r all nt tasty.... Swear that we will nv go there again... We proceed home thereafter... Dear feeling tired... Its late now... I am feeling
1. gastric
2. nauseous
3. headache
4. whole body aching when i din do any exercise
5. feverish
Called dear but he is slping so soundly le i guess... Din ans my call... Got to tell him that i can't go help him collect his work permit tml....

Sunday, June 19, 2005

In train blogging again... Going off to meet dear at City Hall MRT station... Really looking forward to see him again... Oh my... start to miss him already... Maybe ask him to go Esplanade later to watch performance... No idea where shall we go for dinner leh...

Met dear le... He is already standing at City Hall MRT waiting for me. I told him that i feel like eating Thai food. So he suggest we can go to Thai Express @ Esplanade. Hehe... We ordered Pineapple Rice, Stir fried glass noodle and some Thai Chichen Wings... yummy...

There are quite a lot of performance going on...
1. Singing
2. Brazillian music by some percussionists
3. Strange performance by green, pink and yellow man

Dear bought an ice-cream n we shared it. So sweet... We ate it while watching the performances. On our way back to the train station, dear saw strawberry chocolates. MY FAVOURITE. Haha... Bought it n ate it.

Took a bus back with dear to YCK. Shortly after, we went Bedok North to eat the famous kidney mee sua... Nt that nice though... Dear rode me back after that.

**Forgot that my wallet is in his helmet bag** Oops...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

After so long... Today i decide to blog again.... Yeah!!!

I figure out that i cld actually use my hp function notepad to record my jornal dwn when i am free. In that way i can update my blog more frequently. Currently i am at tampines int waiting for my dear to arrive. He just knock off from work. Bet he is exhausted. I'm kinda tired as well. Toss n turn in bed last night. Had a hard time slping. Dear arrived n we ate a very nt tasty Kway Chap. Oh boy...

Blogging in the train now. On our way to Tanjong Pagar to settle dear's work permit stuff... Nt much waiting is needed... Took a bus to dear's place... I ask him to slp n i shall cook dinner for him. He kinda like the suggestion. Hehe... Went to the nearest market to buy some vege n cook dinner for him. When he woke up just nice gt dinner to eat le. Hehe...

Next proceed to Orchard with dear to get father's day gift. Bought him a belt. Came home to get car n went Jalan Kayu for prata... What a exhausted day.... :P

PS: Brought my youngest sis n bro to the zoo on Thursday. Will upload some pics in my photo album. They enjoyed themselves!!!